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Local Mosque

For Muslims, Mosque is the place of worship almighty Allah. Mosque brings Muslims of the area together. It serves for prayers, for events in Ramadan, as education center and place for social welfare. The person who leads the prayers in the mosque is called the Imam.

Muslims offer five times prayer in the Mosque. Muslims also go to the mosque on Friday for a larger Jummah prayer. Muslim kids go to the mosque to learn Quran reading and basics of Islam. In some mosques, Muslim girls and boys take weekly Holy Quran classes to learn Quran recitation from the Quran teacher. Muslims also donate money to their mosque.

Although each mosque is unique, there are some common elements. There is a large prayer hall in the Mosque. Some mosques have an open courtyard to accommodate more people. Most of the mosques have one or more minarets which are used for Azaan (call to prayer).

In the mosque during the prayer, Imam stands in front and the rest of Muslims stand behind him in the rows facing towards Mecca. Islamic calligraphy and geometric patterns are used for exterior decoration in mosques.


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